Ami Hattab | Workshop Intensivo para equipa artística da Palhaços d’Opital

Ami Hattab PdO

Ami Hattab, um dos melhores  formadores na área do Doutor Palhaço, vai ministrar um workshop à equipa artística da Palhaços d’Opital nos dias 7, 8, 9 e 10 de novembro 2020.

Esta formação intensiva estava planeada há muito tempo pela direção artística da PdO de forma a disponibilizar os melhores formadores do mundo de forma a podermos levar o melhor que a nossa equipa tem para os nossos hospitais e os nossos mais velhos.

“Ami has a passion for stage play in all its forms.

Performer, clown, teacher, director, actor’s trainer and coach, he is a former student of the International School of Theatre – Jacques Lecoq and the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts.

After 5 years of performing with the Lecoq-inspired La Jacquerie Theatre, (including an ongoing extended comedy laboratory), he has also performed with the companies Agitex and Drambakus as well as in music halls & cabarets (The Turkish March, Hattab & Bonnefont).
He is a longtime member of the Le Rire Médecin (institution for clown interventions in healthcare environment) where he is a clown-performer, teacher, coach and creator and co-founder of the artistic coaching project. As an artistic explorer, he is one of the main actors of the company’s artistic evolution.

Ami is well known and regarded for his global artistic teaching.
Since 1989, he offers trainings and workshops in physical & visual theatre, physical comedy, clown play, mask, buffoon, commedia dell’arte, physical storytelling and comedic devising”


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